8 Reasons to Believe God Created the World

8 Reasons to Believe God Created the World

Does God exist? This is the never ending topic of debate. If God does not exist, then who created this beautiful world? Again, there is no answer for this question. But, yes there are many reasons to believe that God created the world read on.

1. The earth is perfect

The size of the earth is perfect and so is gravity. It is a belief that God has created the beautiful earth for existence of life. Had it not been for God, it would not have been possible to stay on earth. There are so many other planets in the solar system, but only earth has life. So, there is some catch behind this reason, agree?

2. Water all over

Almost two third portions of the world are covered with water. Being colorless and odorless, it is the most important thing for survival. Not a single person in this world can survive without water. Water is chemically neutral and is the biggest proof of life on earth. This might well be a super creation of God.

3. Start of life

What is the reason for the start of life is still a mystery. But, it is believed that it is God who started the life by creating the beginning of the universe. It all started with the explosion of light and energy. So, every small thing including a creature, and plant was the creation of God. So, be thankful to God for the same.

4. Laws of nature are constant

Just imagine if the sun does not rise in the morning or the moon does not set. Life would be something else then. But, according to beliefs, it is God who has granted the laws of uniformity in everything. The twenty four hours of the day and the rotation of the earth, everything is a planned task by the almighty Lord.

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