8 Reasons Men Have Affairs

8 Reasons Men Have Affairs

An affair to remember does not happen without any solid reason. It could be anyone’s fault. Here are 8 reasons why men have affairs.

1. Men wish to skip the monotony

A lot of men feel that they are caught in the monotony. Bickering kids, nagging wife, a boss who uses them as a punch bag and it couldn’t get worse. To bring about a meaningless change in their life, they feel the need to do something wild.

2. They want to feel like bachelors again

Some men who develop a sudden urge to be bachelors again, lose control and feel that they perhaps have a chance to meet other women. Most of this stems from marital dissatisfaction.

3. They don’t like their wives anymore

The wife has now become a pain. She constantly fights and reminds them how irresponsible they are. The dinners become more like a routine than a romantic treat with someone you love. Men realize that it’s a marriage without any love.

4. Their wives don’t give them required attention

With some men it could be the other way round. Their wives are so self-involved and caught up in either reaching career goals or socializing with friends that they never find time for their husband. Hence, there is a need to find love outside their marriage.

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