8 Rare Fruits You Must Try Out

8 Rare Fruits You Must Try Out

It’s always interesting to discover new kinds of flora and fauna, especially the kind that you can eat. Fruits are not only healthy and delicious; they are also of many varieties, many of which remain unknown because their nativity ranges to some far off country. These are some exotic and rare fruits that you must surely try out.

1. Rose apple

Rose apples taste as sweet as their name sounds. They have the distinct taste of roses and as is the case with most other fruits on this list, this one also owes its nativity to South Asia. The unfortunate part is that this crunchy fruit isn’t available much around the world as it has a much limited shelf life compared to other fruits.

2. Durian

Malaysia and Indonesia are the two countries that mainly grow and export the infamous Durian. Infamous it is, because of its thorny appearance and really bad stench, so much so, that it has been banned from eating at public places and restaurants in these countries. But its taste is just as delicious as its repulsive odor.

3. Sugar/Custard apple

The custard apple is a delight to taste but a task to have. It can’t just be bitten into as it has to be opened carefully and the numerous seeds need to be removed. Its white, creamy flesh is an exotic dessert in itself and it’s a native of Thailand.

4. Ugli

This fruit probably got its unusual name from the word ‘ugly’ because it doesn’t score high on the looks and attractiveness department. However, just like you cannot judge a book by its cover, this fruit should not be ignored only on the basis of its brownish withered skin. Cut it deep and enjoy the deliciousness that its pulp is filled with.

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