8 Qualities of February born people

8 Qualities of February born people

If you know someone whose birthday falls in February or yourself are born in this month, you might be intrigued by the following list of qualities that are the hallmarks of a February born.

1. Originality

A February born cannot be accused of being a copy cat. He is authentic and believes in learning from his own experiences rather than following others blindly.

2. Innovation

People born in February are pioneers in their field. They are capable of thinking out of the box, and are not concerned with the status quo. No wonder a lot many great scientists of yesteryears were born in this month.

3. Frankness

These people are honest to the core, and are not afraid of speaking the truth irrespective of the consequences. They will point out your mistake to your face without flinching for a moment. Thus, they make very good friends and offer you constructive criticism at all walks of life.

4. Mystery

It is tough to judge what is going on in the mind of these people. They have an aura of mystery surrounding them which makes them attractive to the opposite sex.

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