8 Myths About Stress

8 Myths About Stress

Stress plays a major role in our lifestyle. People take stress for small and petty things because of stiff competition to excel in life. Stress also affects personal relationships. Let us decode some myths about stress, and learn to live a stress-free life.

1. “Only major signs of stress need to be given attention.”

Most people pay attention to major signs and ignore minor ones. It is equally important to pay heed to minor signs such as headache and fatigue. If a person does not pay heed to those signs before hand, then it might cause chronic stress condition, which will then cause depression.

2. “Stress will be a part of life, accept it.”

This is not true, agreed. A person faces stress in every situation, but accepting it to be a part of life is not okay. One can live a stress free life by following some stress relief tricks. Planning and prioritizing helps to reduce stress from life. On shouldn’t settle down with stress as a part of life.

3. “Popular stress tricks are best.”

Some people believe that the most popular stress tricks are the best to reduce stress. This is not true. Stress is all in the mind of a person. If a person plans out things, then it would really become easy to deal with things around. Stress can be controlled and reduced with the easiest method of 10 mins meditation.

4. “Stress is caused by working too much.”

This is simply false. Stress is not caused by excessive working. But, it is caused by the pressure one takes while working. Therefore, if one thinks that working less will reduce the stress, then it is wrong. The way one handles work will reduce stress.

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