8 Most Inappropriate Wedding Gifts

8 Most Inappropriate Wedding Gifts

Don’t all of you love weddings? It may be yours, your friends’ or your relatives’ wedding; but there’s the magic of love and excitement in the air. One of the best parts of a wedding are wedding gifts. They symbolize the love that all the closed ones have for the couple who’s getting married. But there are also some who think that playing a prank with the wedding gifts is fine. We have listed out some of the most inappropriate wedding gifts.

1. Paternity/pregnancy test kit

This would be one of the most inappropriate gifts for a bride or groom to receive on their wedding. Picture a happy couple, getting married and thinking of a wonderful future ahead of them. Now if someone were supposed to give them a paternity or a pregnancy test kit, just imagine the look on their faces when they would open it. Not only would the person who gifted this make a fool of himself/herself, but it would also lead to embarrassment for the couple.

2. Contact of a divorce lawyer

Oh God! This wedding gift would be more appropriate as a gag gift rather than an actual wedding present. Who would think to give such a weird gift on someone’s wedding day? They are making lifetime commitment on this day and someone would present them with the contact of a divorce lawyer, huh?

3. Free coupons to a brothel

This is another wedding gift that would embarrass a wedding couple. Anyone who gifts these would surely have to have a tacky sense of humor. Who in this wide world would think that coupons to a brothel are cool? Especially for a couple who’s getting married!

4. The book – ‘The Divorce Organizer & Planner’

The guy/girl who gifts this particular book can be the ex of either the groom or the bride. This gift would be a great way for that ex to play a nasty joke on the married couple. However, even if a friend gifts this, it is inappropriate.

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