8 Inventions that Have Become Redundant Today

8 Inventions that Have Become Redundant Today

The world has progressed the most during the last century more than any other century that ever existed. Technological advancements have made many objects that were once very precious and useful to us, redundant and useless today. Let’s bid adieu to these 8 things that helped us in our growing years but have now been replaced with advanced versions.

1. CD

The Compact Disc, popularly known as CD was quite the rage when it was introduced to the world. People were amazed that this thin, shiny, circular disc could hold so many songs and movies. Today smartphones can hold all the information that a CD could and perform a variety of other functions as well.

2. Cassettes

Remember the time when you would purchase music cassettes and pop them into the music player to groove to popular music? Same was the case with video cassettes which people would use to watch movies at home. Today those video cassette movie rental shops have progressed and started storing DVDs instead of those bulky cassettes.

3. Floppy disk

Oh how we loved using a floppy disk. Its name is pretty cute and it looked so too. However, it has now been deemed useless because the average smartphone or tablet of today can store much more than what this gadget can. Also, the USB revolution left the CD and the floppy disk out in the cold.

4. Boom box

Those days when hip hop dancers and rappers would carry boom boxes on their shoulders and groove to cool music are long gone. Who will carry a huge boom box around when your whole world of music is capable of fitting into a slim and tiny iPod?

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