8 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

8 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Have them roasted or grilled, boil and mash them or just bake them, sweet potatoes are not only delicious, they are also very healthy. There are a number of recipes you can try with sweet potatoes. Add them to your soups or use them for garnishing your salads, put them in your sandwiches or wraps. Enjoy sweet potatoes as they are highly beneficial in a number of ways. Listed below are the major health benefits of sweet potatoes.

1. Sweet potatoes contain essential minerals like iron and magnesium. Apart from providing energy, iron is also responsible for regulating the production of red and white blood cells in your body. Iron improves your immunity and helps you fight stress. Magnesium ensures healthy bones, blood, arteries, nerves, muscles and heart.

2. They are a rich source of Vitamin B6 which breaks down a chemical called homocysteine into simpler molecules. Homocysteine is responsible for several degenerative diseases including heart attacks.

3. Sweet potatoes contain Vitamin C which helps in the formation of blood cells and maintain strong bones and teeth. It also helps to fight diseases like cold and flu and removes harmful toxins from your body, and helps in healing wounds. Vitamin C is also responsible for the formation of collagen which keeps your skin healthy and wrinkle free.

4. They also contain Vitamin D which helps to maintain an overall good health. It helps protect and maintain your bones, teeth, skin, heart and nerves. Vitamin D also sustains your thyroid gland.

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