8 Hairstyles to Try When Your Bangs Are Growing

8 Hairstyles to Try When Your Bangs Are Growing

Your initial attempt at hair bangs may have been successful. You simply love the look and people shower their attention and interest on you and your hair. However, the honeymoon period usually ends when these bangs start growing and reach for your eyes. This is a very awkward period and you have no idea how to make them grow faster since you may be looking ridiculous with them falling over your eyes. There is no miracle solution to this and there is a general pattern for hair growth everyone follows. However, what can actually be done is following some simple tricks and tips to contain or enhance those bangs. This does not just keep stray strands away but may also give you a new and suitable hairstyle to experiment. Here are some hairstyles to try when your bangs are getting out of control.

1. The simplest trick is to pull your bangs back for as long as it would stretch and fix it with a clip. This style will make you look good when you sport a ponytail.

2. Create side bangs. Either pull the bangs to one side of your face and clip it in place or part the bangs; bring one portion to each side of your face and fix them.

3. Get a stylish headband and pull all of your bangs backward for a clean and neat appearance. This will save you from the hassle of fixing numerous clips.

4. If you have the time, wash your hair everyday (or at least your hair bangs), and blow dry. During the process, curl the bangs inwards. This will not just create a new hairstyle but will also prevent them from falling over your eyes.

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