8 Hair Care Tips You Can Give Him

8 Hair Care Tips You Can Give Him

Women, their beauty woes and beauty tips and tricks always garner much attention. But what about our men? Men like women are vulnerable to skin, beauty and hair woes. Let us take a look at essentials of hair care for men in the form of do’s and don’ts. You may take them as hair care tips to give him.


1. Always pat dry your hair

Even though most men sport short hair, it is still vulnerable to breakage, split ends and hair damage. Rubbing one’s hair vigorously after a bath makes it easily prone to breakage, frizziness, as well as spilt ends. Patting dry hair with gentle strokes with a good absorbent towel is the best way to ensure minimal hair damage.

2. Trim regularly

Most hair stylists recommend a hair trim every six weeks. It helps remove damaged hair, split ends and gives the mane a well maintained and stylish look.

3. Use lukewarm or normal temperature water to wash hair

Although the idea of a hot water shower is tempting, it can spell trouble for one’s hair. A hot water hair bath strips the scalp of essential oils, thus causing dryness.

4. Always use good shampoo and conditioner

Always use a good shampoo with effective and mild cleansing agents, according to your hair type, to maintain a clean mane. Conditioning adds softness and essential moisture to the hair; it also helps tame the frizz. One must avoid conditioning the scalp.

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