8 Great Ways to Add Value to Your Home

8 Great Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Almost everyone dreams of owning a house at some point. But, to make your house feel like home, there are certain prerequisites. Apart from feeling comfortable about the space, the views it offers and the neighborhood, there are other aspects of a house that you need to ruminate about. There are lots of ways to beautify your home and enhance its value. Here are some of the things that you might consider trying out.

1. Interior décor with a theme

Guests sometimes pay more attention to the interior décor of the house than to any other attribute. It is important to decide upon a décor that makes the house feel lively, like the cozy abode it is to you. The décor of the house can be established using the right mix of furniture, wall decorations, lighting and indoor plans. Interestingly, there are homeowners who perform quick home staging to enhance the appearance and give the home a facelift prior to putting it on the market. You can get a home staging expert who can offer advice to beautify the home at a budget. Some homeowners go for sophisticated and contemporary furniture which involves a lot of metal and high quality glass. Some prefer traditional hardwood furniture that gives the house a rich and warm look.

2. Utilization of space

No one really likes clutter, neither those who stay in the house nor the guests who visit every now and then. It is important to understand how much space you have and beautify your house accordingly. For example, large living rooms can be made to look divinely comfortable and beautiful with sofa sets and recliners complemented by long entertainment cabinets. Smaller rooms can be brightened with corner lamp shades and mirrors. L-shaped lounge seating is ideal for smaller spaces. Foldable dining tables are also available to make the best use of space. It is important to leave clutter out by avoiding too many items in smaller rooms.

3. The aesthetic touch

Decorative indoor plans, a fish bowl, wall sconces, paintings, chandeliers and oriental lamp shades add an aesthetic touch to the house. You should try to work on the kind of art you want to display on your walls. There should be a neat balance between paintings and family portraits. Too much of anything can ruin the effect. You can conjure an aesthetic appeal through the use of wonderful paint colors and designs. The combination of right lighting and wall colors can make a house look far more expensive than it is. This is because of the cheerful feeling that it emanates to guests. Accent lighting, gallery lighting, cabinet lighting and stair lighting are some of the options that you have to save electric bills while ensuring that every object in the house is illuminated perfectly.

4. The patch of green

Every house can do with a lawn. Landscaping really helps create a good first impression whether you have friends coming over or prospective buyers when your house is on the market. Parkway lighting and neat regular mowing can always help. LED lighting for landscaped gardens is a great option. If there is a pond in the front yard, you can consider keeping it clean. The same holds true for roofs and exterior walls, which might need more frequent coats of paint than the interiors. A breakfast cum brunch setup in the porch or garden if you have one can offer a homely impression further accentuated by the right choice of furniture. Wicker, teak, glass and cane are some of the more resilient options. Potted plants and flower beds with the right bloom can always make a house look wonderfully comfortable, elegant and classy.

5. Dealing with wood

Wooden walls and surfaces always make the house look cozily attractive. You can try sanding or buffing them, to keep them clean. Vinyl floors need other forms of treatment and so do tiles. Creaking floors don’t create a good impression and hence it is important to fix such issues the moment you notice them. A thorough wash to the wood is important. Make sure you are careful about issues like rotting, damping or termites as that can quickly eat into the value of your house along with the value of the wood.

6. The plumbing and cabinetry

Faucets, sinks, taps and showers should all be present at the right places and in the right shape. Leaking taps and unclean sinks can really embarrass you, not to mention the dent they will make in the impression and value of the house. You can take up DIY projects at low budget to fix the plumbing and make minor changes to the cabinet for a neater look. Broken window and drawer slides, moldy caulking and cracked tiles can all be fixed at a low cost.

7. House dressing

Whether it is your choice of curtains, for windows or showers, or the choice of carpets, you need to know what suits the look and feel of your house. A good carpet complimenting the wall, entertainment cabinet and living room seating can greatly enhance the look of your house. Wall racks, book cabinets and shelves and basement organization are all important aspects of ensuring that everything has its place in your house. The house always looks more beautiful with innovative organization that includes revolving CD or book shelves, hanging lights and home-made dust bins made of reusable materials.

8. Home security

The ultimate value to your house comes with the right security arrangements. After taking the pains to make your home beautiful and cozy, remember that safeguarding your house is just as important. Whether it is circuit cameras or a full Livewatch security system, protect your property and yourself. At the same time, you need to ensure that everything in your house functions perfectly. For this purpose, you can look into circuits and electrical connections, switch boards, sockets and convenience boards for gadgets that are often an integral part of every home.

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