8 Funny Facts About Twilight

8 Funny Facts About Twilight

The ‘Twilight’ series presents a totally imaginary world for you, with vampires and werewolves thrown in for good measure. Bella Swan, a human fortunately, is the main protagonist here. The ups and downs revolving around Bella’s life will completely keep you intrigued and engrossed. Vampires and werewolves create a make-believe world of fantasy and add an extra zing to the story, thus making it highly entertaining and amusing. Read on to know more about some funny things about this series.

1. Unusual romance

Firstly, who on earth would not get amused by the romance taking place between Bella Swan, a human and Edward, a vampire? The relationship between a human and a vampire makes it highly hilarious.

2. Hysterical attraction

If you feel that the vampires have not amused you enough, then hold on. The friendship of Bella and Jacob, a werewolf, will most definitely amuse you. The gradual attraction developing between a human and a werewolf gives an unconventional twist and makes it humorous.

3. Amusing situation

The heated argument between Bella and Edward on her being converted into a vampire is totally unreal but it will certainly fascinate you.

4. Ironical vampires

Edward and his family are depicted as being a bunch of ‘vegetarian’ vampires as they suck blood only from animals and not from humans. You will absolutely find no possible logic behind blood sucking vampires being referred to as ‘vegetarians’ although you will definitely burst into laughter!

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