8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in December

8 Fun Facts to Know If You are Born in December

If your birthday falls in the month of December and you are curious to know what sets you apart from the rest of the crowd, here are some fun facts just for you.

1. The origin

The term December is derived from the Latin word ‘decem’ meaning ten. the reason being that December was the tenth month of the Roman calendar. It was only later, with the creation of the Gregorian calendar, that December was relegated to number twelve in the sequence of months.

2. Star sign

People born in the month of December belong to either of the two zodiac signs viz. Sagittarius or Capricorn based on whether their birthday falls before/on or after December 21.

3. Birth flower

Narcissus is the birth flower for the month of December. Narcissus, often mistaken for jonquils, stands for celebration, achievement and fortune.

4. Birth stone

Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli are the birthstones for December. Turquoise is a bluish green stone and symbolizes prosperity and closeness while Lapis Lazuli comes in a bright blue hue and signifies peace and the inner self.

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