8 Fun Bridal Shower Games

8 Fun Bridal Shower Games

Bridal showers can be made interesting and exciting by the inclusion of various bridal shower games. These games encourage participation of all the guests and help various guests to connect with each other. They should not involve any kind of talent show but should be played for complete enjoyment. Since the guest list may include people of various age groups, games should be selected so as to involve all guests. Listed her are a few creative and fun bridal shower games.

1. ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ is a very interesting game where guests are asked to share their 3 experiences with the bride and groom, out of which 2 are correct and one is a lie. The other guests are then asked to guess the false statement.

2. ‘Pin the Ring on the Groom’ is another hilarious game where guests are blindfolded and are asked to pin a ring on the groom’s poster.

3. In a ‘Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game’, the guests are divided into groups. Each person is selected from both the groups and is asked to dress up as brides with the use of toilet papers.

4. The ‘Clothes Pin’ game is also apt for this occasion. Pins are given to the guests at the entrance and use of a chosen word is prohibited. If any guest finds somebody uttering that word, she is free to take away the pin from that person. Guest with maximum number of pins is rewarded.

5. ‘Wedding Ring Dec-a-Cake’ is another exciting game where you ask the guests to decorate plain cupcakes as creatively as possible.

6. ‘Memory Lane Mysteries’ is a game where guests are asked to write their most cherished memory about the bride and later are read aloud. The bride then has to guess the name of the guest.

7. In ‘Take Yarn Tell a Yarn’, the guests are given a yarn with a length of their choice. Later they are asked to keep talking about the bride or the groom while spinning it around the finger.

8. ‘Read His Mind’ is a game where the bride has to answer questions about her groom. Every time she answers wrong, she faces a penalty.

There are other equally thrilling games like ‘Bangle Shakedown’, ‘Newspaper Wedding Dress’, ‘Cotton Head Game’ and ‘Pass the Presents’ that will make your bridal shower memorable and successful.

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