8 Foods that are Banned in Different Parts of the World

8 Foods that are Banned in Different Parts of the World

The kind of food you eat is a personal choice and practically, no one should have a say in what you consume or like to consume. However, there are a number of foods which can prove to be harmful for the eater or risky in terms of the organism being eaten. Hence, following 8 items have been banned in certain or most parts of the world and deemed as inedible.

1. Raw milk

Raw or unpasteurized milk apparently contains some very harmful bacteria and germs which can cause stomach diseases, and hence it is banned wholly and partially in some countries.

2. Pufferfish

Fugu is a well known Japanese dish made of puffer fish, consuming which is like taking a chance with death. Although it’s very tasty, it contains chain toxic chemicals which need to be carefully removed so as to make the fish edible. The risk is too much for many countries to take, and hence it has been banned almost all over the world.

3. Absinthe

Absinthe combined with any other drink is perfect to start off boozing sessions and is fine in all countries. This alcohol not only looks like poison thanks to its green color, but it is also considered to be poisonous because it supposedly has harmful neurological effects due to which it has been banned in many countries including USA and France.

4. Mangosteen

USA had banned the import of the south Asian fruit mangosteen because it feared that these fruits would bring in Asian fruit flies in the continent. But the ban was lifted in 2007 on the condition that the fruits be irradiated, that is be fully rid of any insects before making their way in US.

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