8 Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Women

8 Fashion Tips for Pear Shaped Women

Pear-shaped women are often very conscious about their body. This body type is best described as the one in which the lower body is much heavier than the upper body. As a result, most women don’t experiment with too many bottoms, and restrict themselves to a limited few. However, fashion experts say that just because you have a certain body type, it is not a reason enough for you to stop experimenting with different styles of clothes. Here are some tips to help you dress better.

1. Show what’s thin!

If you are conscious about your wide hips and thighs, then wear clothes that highlight the thinner parts of your body. For instance, if your legs are thinner from below the knees, wear dresses or tops that cover your hips, and reveal your legs nicely. You can also wear a nice upper-waisted belt to highlight the thin area under the bust.

2. Add volume to the upper body

To make your body seem balanced, you can add some volume to your upper body by opting for shirts that have ruffled sleeves, or other details on them. This can help you look balanced, overall. You can also wear spaghetti tops and halters to show your shoulders, and flaunt your collarbones. This will take away some attention from your lower body.

3. Accessorize smartly

An oversized bag can always take the attention away from your lower body’s fat. You can also add statement neckpieces and belts to your dresses to accentuate the thin waistline or flaunt your upper body. Avoid using low-waist belts, as that will only lead attention to your heavy hips and thighs.

4. Choice of colors and prints

Make sure that you choose darker colors for your bottoms, and lighter ones for your uppers. You can also experiment with big prints on the uppers to add volume, and make the body seem balanced. If you like printed bottoms, then go for small prints that hide your fat.

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