8 Factors that Can Create Problems In Your Married Life

8 Factors that Can Create Problems In Your Married Life

Marriage is such an institution that is built on the foundation of love, trust and respect. But often there are certain external as well as internal elements which come into play after the couple has tied the nuptial knot, and ruin the relationship to the extent that it leads to eventual separation. Listed here are 8 such factors that can create problems in your married life.

1. Lack of sex

After marriage, if you find that the intimate moments you share have started to be less frequent, it’s a sign that the marriage is heading towards collapse. It is essential that you keep the spark ignited even after marriage in order to maintain a healthy sex life as well as a married one.

2. Return of an ex

If either one of your ex’s suddenly reappear in your lives, then things may go askew between you two and harm the marriage. Whether it is your husband’s former girlfriend you knew or did not know about or your ex-flame who suddenly begin to make advances towards your husband or you, irrespective of whether either of you reciprocate, there are chances that the marriage may be spoilt.

3. Edgy in-laws

Your in-laws may be one of the many reasons to spoil your marriage. If your in-laws end up to be insecure and over-sensitive and pass comments at everything you do or do not do, your marriage might not end up being a happy and successful one.

4. Lies

Whenever lies enter your lives, remember that your married life might not be going too well and there are grave chances of a separation. Marriage is built on trust and honesty and the moment one of you begin hiding things from the other, chances are your marriage is as good as spoilt.

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