8 Effects of Binge Drinking

8 Effects of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a type of alcohol abuse which includes drinking heavily in a very short span of time to enjoy the intoxication that follows. Many teenagers and adults wrongly associate binge drinking with partying hard, but there are many medical and social ill effects of binge drinking. Here are a few of them, which you must be aware about.

1. Safety issues

Binge drinking can prove to be dangerous, especially for women because it makes them vulnerable. Once a woman is drunk, she has practically no control or awareness about her behavior or whereabouts. This can put her in a defenseless position when she is taken undue advantage of. Binge drinking can also increase potential road accidents. Moreover, a complete feeling of disorientation the next morning is also expected to follow after a binge drinking spree.

2. Reduced attention span

Among the several short term and long term effects of binge drinking, one of the most common ones is a reduced attention span which could eventually become a temporary memory loss. Research has noted that victims of binge drinking have difficulty in collating, culling, analyzing, understanding and reproducing information. This makes them inefficient in completing trivial tasks of everyday life.

3. Possibility of permanent addiction

It is often observed that women who become chronic alcoholics start their journeys to addiction from binge drinking at parties for fun. Binge drinking leads to loss of control because of which you may not be able to stop yourself from drinking regularly. This gives birth to the vicious cycle of alcohol addiction and abuse. This is one of the most dangerous effects of binge drinking.

4. Reduced cognitive functions and brain development

Binge drinking is known to have a direct impact on the central nervous system which is related to natural reflexes and other cognitive functions of the brain. Excessive drinking in a short span of time may damage the brain permanently. Fluctuating sleep patterns caused by binge drinking also lead to poor performance at school or work.

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