8 Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

8 Creative Valentine's Day Ideas

Isn’t it mundane for you and your partner to go out for a movie and dinner every Valentine? It somehow takes the romance out of your relationship. What do you do in a movie – sit silently, hold each other’s hands and then discuss the movie during the dinner? God, that is so not happening for some couples. You do need something interesting and exciting to liven up your Valentine’s Day and in turn your love life. Given below are creative Valentine’s Day ideas. Check them out and see which ones you prefer.

1. Go roller skating

If you want to include some fun in your Valentine’s Day, you can opt for roller skating. Of course, both you and your partner should know how to roller skate! Even if one of you doesn’t know skating, the other partner can teach him/her. Skate, trip, hold each other’s hands and enjoy your time together. To get in the feel of winter, you can also try out ice skating on Valentine’s Day. After coming home, you can enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, cuddled up on the couch!

2. Dress up for home

Okay, for this you need to act as if you’re going out to a fancy restaurant. Act, because you’ll be creating that same atmosphere of a restaurant in the comforts of your home itself. After returning form work, get dressed up in the best of your evening wear. Ladies can wear beautiful dresses, while men can go for suits. For the food, you can order it from a restaurant a bit early so that when you get dressed, your hubby/boyfriend can set the table and light the candles. This way you can have an elegant dinner right at your home!

3. Rent a hot tub

Go through the yellow pages for companies that rent a hot tub and rent one for your home. You can keep this as a wonderful surprise when your partner is at work. Arrange it in a way that the renting company comes to fix the hot tub at your place when he is at office. Create a romantic mood by dimming the lights, arranging candles and rose petals besides the hot tub. Your darling will surely get a lovely surprise when he comes home!

4. Have a red and pink menu

With this creative Valentine’s Day idea, you can again have a dinner at your home, albeit in a different way! What you have to do is cook a meal that has everything red or pink in color. For instance, you can have beetroots, pink bread, red Jell-O, pink mashed potatoes, a red tinted heart cake with pink icing! Put your creative hats on and think of more such food items. This will surely turn out to be an interesting dinner, eh?

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