8 Common Running Mistakes

8 Common Running Mistakes

Running is a very good form of exercise for commoners like us who are weight and figure conscious. It helps us sty fit and health. Having said that, running has to be done keeping certain things in mind. These are common mistakes you should avoid as a runner so you can avail its maximum benefits.

1. Running too fast at the start

When you begin too fast from the very beginning you are drained a lot faster and lot earlier before you reach the finish line. Start slow and build up the energy and rhythm to gain momentum towards the end.

2. Wearing the wrong shoes

Wearing old running shoes or the wrong shoes can cause running injuries. Make sure you buy shoes from a special running store with the guidance of a salesman who will give you a pair based on your foot type and running style.

3. Hand positions

Some people vigorously swing their arms while running while some others keep them too high which cause them to slouch and tire out easily. The ideal thing is to keep the hands at waist level at a 90 degree angle. Also swing them back and forth.

4. Wrong inappropriate clothing

Wearing too little or too much clothing can cause discomfort. Wear proper running gear according to the weather.

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