8 Characteristics of Sagittarius Men You Must Know About

8 Characteristics of Sagittarius Men You Must Know About

‘Resolute’ is one word that defines a Sagittarius man. They are usually strong headed in every situation of life. Enlisted here are some more characteristics of Sagittarius men that you must know about.

1. Sagittarius men believe in excellence

Being determined, this quality comes naturally to them. They believe in excellence in every field of life. They always want to deal with the best. They also like their women to be intelligent. Women normally find this quality appealing in Sagittarius men.

2. Sagittarius men are over friendly

They are quite frank and over friendly by nature. They make friends easily and even girlfriends. They are flirty by nature, and this acts against them. They cannot commit easily in any relationship.

3. Sagittarius men like freedom

They are free birds. So, if you tie them up, they feel restless. They believe in space and freedom. If you are dating a Sagittarius man, then give him the space he wants. This will help you in your relationship. They live each day as it comes.

4. Sagittarius men are deliberate

Sagittarius men can act deliberate at times. Therefore, if they compliment you on something which is not worth, you must know how they feel. They can be frank and open about issues. This might even hurt feelings. They also do this when in a relationship.

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