8 Biggest Facebook Pages

8 Biggest Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages have become extremely popular in the recent times. Not only do they help big brands reach out to their customers and clients in a more personal manner, but also help in establishing and popularizing new brands and start-ups. With the kind of audience and attention that social media enjoys these days, everyone is turning to Facebook, whether they are celebrities, large companies, social organizations and a lot more.

Listed here are some of the biggest Facebook pages in the world that enjoy attention from a large amount of people and have innumerable interactions going on at all times.

1. Facebook

Needless to say, the one who made life so easy and convenient for everyone with it’s ‘Pages’ system is the one who enjoys the most attention and fans. The official Facebook page has more than 164 million people liking it, while the ‘Facebook for iPhone’ page has a whopping 518 millions (and still counting) fans.

2. Shakira

Celebs are the next in line. They too have chosen Facebook as their preferred medium for interacting with their fans and keeping them updated about their activities. Shakira enjoys around 105 million fans on her page with Cristiano Ronaldo being a close competitor.

3. Eminem

Eminem has around 95 million fans, thereby proving that his Facebook page and record sales will always be going upwards and never going down! Close to him is Rihanna with about 89 million fans.

4. Coca-Cola

In terms of brands, Coca-Cola beats them all with more than 80 million fans. The page sees steady growth everyday. This is the only brand that is featured in the top 25 Facebook pages, with the other 24 being celebrities and TV shows or games. Clearly, this brand knows how to do things right!

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