8 Benefits of Black Seed Oil

8 Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed, which is also known as Nigella sativa, is famous for its nutritional benefits. In fact, the oil that is derived from black seed has many health benefits. Listed below are some black seed oil benefits, read on.

1. Helps to treat asthma

As black seed oil is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to reduce the normal signs of asthma. Mix a part of black seed oil in water and boil it. Inhale the vapor to reduce asthmatic attacks.

2. Helps in muscle pain

Black seed oil has anti spasmodic ingredients. This helps to relax the muscle spasms and pain. Simply warm the oil and massage it on the affected area. It helps to provide instant relief from the pain caused by muscle spasms. Alternately, one can have a concoction of black seed oil and water to prevent muscle stiffness.

3. Helps to cure toothache

As black seed oil has anti bacterial properties, it helps to relieve tooth pain. Application of oil on the affected area helps to reduce the pain. One can also use natural black seed oil on gum pain and infections.

4. Helps to treat allergies

Black seed oil has anathematic properties, which helps to treat various kinds of allergies in the body. It also helps to provide relief from ringworm and other skin infections.

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