8 Beauty Mistakes that Turn Men Off

8 Beauty Mistakes That Turn Men Off

Pretty obviously, when we girls put ourselves out there all decked and donned up, it’s for guys to see and get attracted to us. But gals remember that in doing so we might actually land up going overboard, and men will turn their heads in the opposite direction. Just as we get turned off by certain male efforts to impress us, they too get turned off by certain beauty mistakes

1. Too many layers

When you apply foundation or concealer on your face, just put a layer or two to bring an evenness in the skin tone. Men do not like too much of obvious make up.

2. Sticky lips

Of course you want to be kissed, so make sure your lip gloss is not sticky. Use subtle shades that give your lips a slight sheen.

3. Complicated hairdo

Men like it simple. Tie your hair in a simple ponytail or half pony. Too many pins and accessories are a turn off. A complicated bun and fashionable style will cause knots. Men might not want to run their hands through a mess.

4. Cracked dry lips

Before applying your gloss or shade of lipstick, always moisturize your lips with petroleum jelly or oil. This will prevent lips from cracking. Lipstick on cracked lips will definitely not get you a kiss.

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