7 What All to not Miss in Dubai

7 What All to not Miss in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, mainly because of the kind of facilities and attractions that it has to offer. Most people plan their trip to this wonderful place during the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. However, once there, you realize that Dubai has a lot more to offer than just shopping. Listed here are 7 things to not miss in Dubai.

1. Sporting events

Dubai is one of the very places in the world, which has clubs and venues for multiple sports. Whether you want to play golf in the fancy clubs, such as the Emirates Golf Club, or want to enjoy Formula 1 racing, Dubai has it all for you. You will also be able to enjoy tennis tournaments and clubs, along with horse racing and camel racing.

2. Beaches

Dubai has plenty of beaches for tourists to enjoy the pleasure of being next to the sea. You can enjoy water sports and other activities on the beach. However, one must keep in mind that there are specific rules and regulations in terms of the dress code for women in Dubai, so one may not be allowed to wear certain revealing forms of clothes. Tourists need to understand the sentiments of people in Dubai. Otherwise, some of the most famous beaches in Dubai are Jebel Ali Beach, Mamzar Beach, and Jumeirah Beach.

3. Fascinating buildings

After New York, Dubai can claim to have some of the most beautiful skyscrapers and other attractive buildings. As a tourist, you must not miss the Dubai Towers, Emirates Towers, Burj Khalifa, Etisalat Tower, Dubai Knowledge Village, Dubai World Trade Centre, and the Dubai Underwater Hotel. These buildings are a sign of Dubai’s quick progress, and reflect innovation and creativity merged with wonderful architecture.

4. Historic places

To know about Dubai’s past, and learn about the religious practices followed by people there, a tourist can visit some wonderful historical sites, such as the Grand Mosque, Heritage House, Dubai Museum, Jumeriah Mosque, and Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House.

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