7 Weirdest Celebrity Rumors that were Big Hoaxes

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Tabloids and magazines are screaming out with their headlines about some or the other shocking piece of celebrity news which they claim to be an ‘exclusive’ item. Wile most of them are sensationalized or paid publicity, some are just too ridiculous to be true and the celebrities in question as well as their fans express shock over them. Such news are mostly hoaxes made up by Internet trolls which go viral. Here are 7 such hoaxes which became famous all over the world.

1. Barack Obama is a Muslim

That the most powerful person in the world, the President of the United States could probably be of Islamic origin was a thought that crossed some mischievous mind out to create a worldwide scandal. In 2007, everyone was caught by surprise when rumors of Obama being a secret Muslim by birth started doing the rounds. Thankfully they were soon nipped in the bud as people started questioning the integrity of the source of this news.

2. Cher is dead

Recently when the first female prime minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher, passed away, the Twitter hash tag #nowthatchersdead started trending among citizens all over the world. This confusing hash tag was misread by many people who thought that it read ‘now that Cher’s dead’, making her fans go into a frenzy.

3. Natalie Portman dies

Another celebrity who was rumored to be dead was Hollywood actress, Natalie Portman. The piece of hoax news didn’t last long before getting identified by people as a lie, after all, it did seem quite unbelievable. As per the news, she dies while filming at 4.30 am in New Zealand by accidentally falling off the Kauri cliffs which are 60 ft above sea level.

4. Justin Bieber consoles rape victim who attended his concert

A photo of this young pop-star hugging a crying girl started circulating on the net and the accompanying story was that he was consoling her as she was raped. The hoax news goes that she attended his concert and while on the way back home was raped and left on the streets. When she was found and Bieber heard of this incident, he consoled his fan and supported her. Well, it turns out that the girl in the photo was just crying because she was overwhelmed on meeting her idol, nothing else.

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