7 Ways to Show Love to Your Baby

7 Ways to Show Love to Your Baby

The feeling of motherhood can’t be described in words. The ecstasy, joy and the feel of having made another human being is one that can’t be equaled. Motherhood is a continuous process that will last forever, and hence the growing up years of the child, which are the formative years, have to be well taken care of. Babies are naturally adorable and hence it’s very easy to remove time to spend with them by hook or crook. Here are the 7 ways by which you can treat your newborn to the feeling of love.

1. Cuddling

Don’t let your Abby sleep alone in a crib in a room. Cuddle with him or her, let them feel the warmth of a mother’s touch. Love resonates through hugs and kisses for small tots.

2. Story time

Narrate children’s stories to them with full animation. Roar like a lion, clap like a joker, dress up like a princess and do such antics freely to ensure that your baby gets a smile on his or her face and has a good time.

3. Sing to them

Although your child may not understand any of the carefully written lyrics of lullabies, it’s important that you sing to them. They find their parent’s voice very soothing, and tend to instantly calm down. Also, the pain that they feel with toothache, enlarging bones, etc., can be pacified with a loving song and a cuddle.

4. Physical contact

Physical contact is extremely important to newborns. Their mood changes for the better when someone takes them in the arms, soothes their back, tosses them up and down, etc.

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