7 Ways to Prevent a Hangover

Ways to Prevent a Hangover

A hangover is not a very good thing. It makes you feel miserable, and you tend to do things you would not want to do when sober or would be later be embarrassed about. It is possible to avert a hangover. All you need to do is exercise certain precautionary measures and you will be well in control. Listed below are 7 ways to prevent a hangover:

1. Drink water

Hangover is caused primarily by dehydration of the body. In between your drinks, you should drink plenty of water so as to avoid the draining of moisture from your body. Also, ensure that you do not go to bed thirsty. Have plenty of water and most of it is taken care of!

2. Eat something

Apart from drinking water, you should also eat something. Never drink on an empty stomach because that aggravates the condition of hangover. Apart from big meals, also munch on some snacks while having your drink. Eat both before and after you drink and the effect of the alcohol on your body will be minimized. Have foods with fats, as fats reduce the rate of absorption of alcohol by your body.

3. Stay within limits

Do not drink more than you can bear. You should know your limits and stay well within it. Do not be taken over by peer or social pressure. Another trick you could use is take one large glass and take in very small sips in between and make the glass last for a longer period showing people that you are already drinking. Remember that getting drunk in a public place can be embarrassing.

4. Avoid fizzy drinks

Avoid fizzy and bubbly drinks like champagne, and instead have drinks like still wine. That is because the bubbles in champagne cause light-headedness which eventually leads to hangover. These bubbles contain carbon dioxide which carries the alcohol to your system faster.

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