7 Ways to Make Up With Your Boyfriend After a Fight

7 Ways to Make Up With Your Boyfriend After a Fight

Have you and your boyfriend been fighting constantly? Do you find it hard to take initiative and make up with him after a fight? Here is how you can put an end to the quarrels and douse the animosity between you and your boyfriend after a fight.

1. Plan a romantic evening for him

Doing something special for your boyfriend will put him on cloud nine and will make him forget about the fight. You can plan a romantic candlelight dinner at a restaurant, a walk on the beach in the evening or watch a romantic movie with him. Regardless of how you plan the evening, the point is to make him see that you are putting an effort to get past the fights.

2. Write a sweet apology poem for your boyfriend

After a fight, an apology is a must, especially if you are the one at fault. Instead of saying a bland sorry, stir things up a little by thinking of innovative ways of apologizing. You can pen down a short poem with a simple rhyme and say it aloud to him with a lot of feeling. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the poem is, what is important is the effort that you put into it.

3. Have a genuine conversation with your boyfriend and analyze the problem

Don’t just think about ways in which you can bribe your boyfriend with gifts to make him happy. If you have fought because of a specific reason it is important to sort it out before you can move ahead in your relationship. Sit down with your boyfriend and talk to him at length about what caused the fight and how you can fix the problem. Maybe an acknowledgement of the situation is what your boyfriend was hoping for.

4. Cuddle up with your boyfriend

You are sure to melt your boyfriend’s heart away when you go to him with a sorry face and curl up in his arms. Feeling the warmth of your company may make your boyfriend realize that he should let go of his anger and enjoy spending time with you instead. Just walk up to him and give him a tight hug, refusing to let go until he breaks into a smile.

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