7 Ways to Keep Liver Healthy

7 Ways to Keep Liver Healthy

In an era where junk food and ready-to-eat food packets are fast replacing freshly prepared home cooked meal, and diet colas and hard drinks replacing water and juices while feasting, our livers are facing the wrath of everyday upheaval because of our diet. To keep health problems at bay, it is essential to have a competently running liver, since it is chiefly liable for eliminating toxins from the whole body through mechanisms and it also assists in digestion. If not taken proper care, it may lead to several liver infections.

Why keeping the liver healthy is so essential?

1. The liver stores a bulk of constituents that are essential for our body to function well. Glucose, Vitamin A, D, B12, iron, copper etc. are few constituents that are present in macro or micro quantity. But without these substances, our bodies will not be able to function properly.

2. The liver produces albumin which is a main osmolar constituent of blood serum. The liver also manufactures a hormone called angiotensinogen, which helps in raising the blood pressure when the body signs of low blood pressure.

3. The liver has a capability of regeneration and a great ability of back-up.

Listed here are some natural ways to promote liver health in an era where junk food rules.

1. Include a pomegranate in your daily eating schedule as it is a remarkable storehouse of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants like beta-carotene. It is known to effectively cleanse the liver and aid in digestion.

2. You can also take a concoction of fig leaves, sugar and 200ml of water. This mixture bears effective results in saving the liver from harmful toxins.

3. The intake of papaya seeds blended with lemon juice is also apt for your liver. When taken two times per day, it assists in the normal functioning of the liver.

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