7 Ways to Keep Him in Love With You Always

5. Be forthright

A lot of women end up pushing their men to the edge by expecting them to understand. But, this is over-complicating the matter. If you want your guy to always stay in love with you, be different. Be forthright. Men love frankness and more often than not, they are wired well enough to handle it. After all, most guy friends are extremely frank with each other, almost to the point of embarrassing each other. So, make it easy for him. You will reap rich dividends because when men are not worried about what you are thinking, they will start worrying about how to surprise you pleasantly. It is a very healthy alternative.

6. Compliment him

Men have huge egos. There is nothing women cannot make them do by paying a rich compliment. However, to earn his trust and respect learn the art of giving him honest compliments. After all, he has some good in him, to have made you fall in love. Even if you feel you have given away all the compliments that you thought he deserved, repeat them. There is no harm in it. Keep reminding him why you feel in love with him. It is a good way of making sure he keeps those things about him unchanged. That works out well for you too, isn’t it?

7. Befriend his close ones

Every guy, whether he is an introvert or an extrovert, has a close group of people he really cares about. Don’t introduce friction into your relationship by hating them or avoiding them. It is easier to accept them for what they are, considering that the guy you love loves them. The guy will not only reward you with more love, he will also feel complete for the acceptance you have given to his near and dear ones.

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