7 Ways to Get His Attention

7 Ways to Get His Attention

Do you have a crush on a guy in your office? Do you want to impress a guy at school? Do you want your best friend’s brother to notice you? Here are a few ways to get attention from a guy you like.

1. Make a style statement

Dressing elaborately is not the only way to get a guy’s attention. Making a style statement by wearing a tee with a cheeky line, a beautiful hat or a sensuous dress can help you to grab eyeballs. One element of your dress should be the highlight of your look. Make your style a talking point among your friends and your crush’s attention may be drawn towards you more easily.

2. Look at him for a few seconds longer

You may feel the urge to stare at the guy whose attention you want desperately. But gaping at your crush can send him negative signals and he may start avoiding you by assuming thinking that you are desperate for him. Simply stare at him for a few seconds longer that what you generally would. The minute he realizes that you are looking at him and he looks back at you, take your eyes away. This will subtly grab his attention and he may want to figure out what is going on in your mind.

3. Play with your hair

This is one of the ways which has been traditionally used by women to get men’s attention. If used at the right time in the right way, this tip can help you to grab a guy’s attention. When you are well dressed, tie your hair in a pony tail. When your crush is around you, let your pony tail loose and wave your hair subtly. If you have curly hair, twirl your hair around your finger. This will add to your sensuous charm and it will make your guy notice you.

4. Show that you are a fun loving person

Guys are known to be instantly attracted to girls who love to have fun. You don’t necessarily have to be loud and all over the place to show a guy that you are a fun loving person. You can make plans with your friends, invite them over for dinners and give ideas about fun things that you can do together. Your crush will instantly notice that you are the one who is making all the plans and getting every body to have fun.

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