7 Ways to Fight Hypothyroidism

7 Ways to Fight Hypothyroidism

Women are ten times more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism than men. The disorder is often associated with exhaustion, unnatural weight gain and decrease in metabolic rate. Although not fatal, the disorder can create a lot of health problems but can be controlled with certain effective ways. Listed here are some ways to fight hypothyroidism.

1. Change your diet

A diet deficient in iodine often causes hypothyroidism. Bladderwrack is a seaweed that you must consume to strengthen the thyroid gland. The seawood can be added to tea or taken in capsule form. Organic foods should be your preferred choice. Other important foods that must be a part of your regular diet include whole grains, sprouts, fish, vegetables and fruits. Cold pressed organic oils like sesame, olive or groundnut work to improve the gland’s functions.

2. Avoid raw foods

Certain foods when consumed raw can intervene with your thyroid gland and also affect the impact of medication. Therefore, their intake must be limited. A list of such foods include almonds, veggies falling in the broccoli family, millet, turnips, corn, pine nuts, kale, peaches, soy, peanuts, spinach and canola oil.

3. Keep a check on your gut

Check your gut periodically. 20% of thyroid function is dependent upon healthy gut bacteria. Therefore, supplement your gut with probiotics to get an adequate supply of good bacteria into your body.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising is important and exercising right is even more significant. This is because good workout increases tissue sensitivity to thyroid gland and triggers secretion. Heavy workout of at least 20 minutes every day is necessary to improve the gland’s function. Yoga is a great way to gain better results. While lying straight on your back, keep your legs together and hands by your side. Palms should face the ground. While inhaling, raise your legs to a 30 degree angle, then 60 degree angle and finally at a 90 degree angle. A little practice should help to get this right. Exhale and return to original position.

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