7 Ways to Cheer Up Someone

7 Ways to Cheer Up Someone

Cheering someone up can be the most difficult thing to do if you try too hard. No matter how deeply hurt or upset your friend, boyfriend or sister is, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to cheer up just about anybody.

1. Make weird faces

If you think that making weird faces only works while appeasing babies, you are wrong. Sometimes, one of the most ingenious ways of cheering someone up is to make funny and crazy faces. It can make anyone laugh in a split second, helping them to realize that life is all about forgetting woes and worries. The minute someone smiles after seeing your funny face, grab that opportunity to soothe talk them.

2. Tell a lame joke

The lame joke trick is known to work no matter how serious or grave a situation is. If you are sure that a certain situation is not sensitive enough to hurt someone’s feelings, arm yourself with a few lame and silly jokes that you can crack. It may not make your friend laugh instantly, but it will bring a smile on his or her face. Your lame jokes may be successful enough to set a light mood in your depressed friends’ mind.

3. Get some fresh air

Sometimes, cheering someone up is all about entering a different ambience and getting some fresh air. Being hurt or upset about something can make a person stay locked up in a room or a certain space all day. This not only cramps up the body but also the mind. If your friend is upset, take him or her out for a walk in the park or to a café so that fresh air can bring in a fresh perspective.

4. Have a long chat

An important element of cheering someone up is to allow them to vent out their emotions. If you think that the situation is too delicate for you to crack a joke or make faces, have a meaningful conversation. Once your friend lightens his or her emotional load on you, he or she will feel much better and may feel naturally cheered up.

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