7 Ways to Build Your Persuasion Skills

6 Ways to Build Your Persuasion Skills

How many of you are at a loss when you really need to do some persuasive talking? There are many who cannot persuade others without sounding too bossy or intimidating. We have suggested some easy methods to build your persuading skills here and help you understand the power of persuasion.

1. Have a positive tone

If you want to build your power of persuasion, you definitely have to incorporate a positive tone when you talk. You must not be loud or forceful. Instead, you have to sound confident, enthusiastic and optimistic about what you are saying.

2. Use facts

When you want to persuade someone, the best way would be use examples and actual facts to make them understand what you are saying. When you present proven data and available truth to a person, they will agree more readily to what you are saying and you can become the master of power of persuasion.

3. Speak logically

Do not speak for the sake of speaking. Instead speak logically and avoid nonsensical talks. Do not say something without thinking it through. Speak slowly and let the other person digest whatever you are saying. Don’t make ridiculous comments and unreasonable arguments that mean that you do not have the power of persuasion.

4. Listen carefully

If you want to be listened, you have to listen. Do not interrupt the other person when he/she is speaking. Instead listen to what the other person has to say, and use his/her points and views to counter attack him/her.

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