7 Ways to Add Spark to Your Marriage after Having Kids

7 Ways to Add Spark to Your Marriage after Having Kids

Kids help to increase the bonding in a relationship. After having kids, your relationship grows. Many couples complain that the passion or romance is lost after having kids. This outlook differs from couple to couple. Love is not lost, because the relationship goes to the next level after having kids. Here’s how you can add that spark back to your marriage after kids, read on.

1. Do something unexpected

Do something unexpected for your spouse. This would really surprise him. After your kids sleep, give him a massage. This would turn him on and bring back the lost passion. Wear something sexy for him when your kids sleep. This might also help to bring back those good old days.

2. Create romantic moments

With kids, you would really not have the time to do anything else. Create the moments to bring the passion back in your marriage. Cuddle your spouse when your kids are playing. Make an eye contact with him, when your kids are having their meals. All these small things can really make a difference.

3. Go for date nights

Arrange for special date nights after your kids sleep. A romantic candle light dinner at home can help you revive the old memories. Arrange a romantic table for two with a cozy setting and great music. Do not forget to cook something which your partner relishes.

4. Cook together

You may hardly get time out because of your kids. Cooking together is the best option to spend some time. Bake a special cake when your kids are playing. This will help you to spend some quality time with your spouse.

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