7 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

7 Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

A lot of lucky couples celebrate their anniversary with the same zeal and love every year. If you are one of those couples then, congratulations! Now let’s find out what you can do to make your anniversary even more special this year. This page will help you to go beyond those monotonous dinner dates in a fancy restaurant, and those boring family get-togethers you do every year on the anniversary. Check out the following ideas if you want to surprise your husband with a unique gift this year.

1. Start the day with a love letter

There are a lot of ways to tell him that you love him. You can always say the three magical words in his ear to wish him happy anniversary, but this year, let’s do it in a spicier way. So, pick up a paper and a pen. Now, write everything you love about him and everything he did to keep you happy this year. Don’t just hand him over the love letter. Keep the letter on the dashboard of his car, and once he leaves the house to run an errand, just call him and ask him to read the letter.

2. Give him a body massage

Well, this might spark romance all over again! If you really want to pamper your husband, then give him a hot body massage. Don’t forget to decorate the massage room with scented candles and dim lighting. Give him a massage at the end of the day so that it is dark outside and romantically lit inside. You can also use dim lighting of the table lamps and chandeliers to make the ambiance adorable!

3. Cook all his favorite things

You can simply send him out to buy some grocery items or run some errands. Use this time to cook every single item he loves to eat. Surprise him with his favorite cake, main meal, drinks and snacks. If you have some extra time, just use it to decorate the home.

4. Gift him a trip

If your husband works hard and is often in stress because of his hectic schedule, then gift him a great trip! You can go to Hawaii, Maldives or any place that has a relaxing feel. Find out the place he has always wanted to visit and book the air tickets for two right away. Ask your husband to apply for leave a few days before the anniversary if he has an irritating boss who would not want to give him a few holidays for the trip on urgent basis. Don’t tell him the place you are visiting.

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