7 Tips to Take a Great Selfie

Tips to Take a Great Selfie

Selfies are the new talk of the town. Everybody seems to be enjoying the freedom to take their own pictures. However, to click your own picture may not be as easy as it may seem. It involves steady hands and lot of other adjustments to get that perfect frame. Gone are the days when we had to bug people to get clicked. Now all it takes is a tweak here and there and a selfie is born. Listed below is a list of some quick tips to be camera ready!

1. Enjoy the moment and let it reflect in your picture

Selfies are a very good way to enjoy the moment with that best friend you like to be crazy with. Let the picture be natural and it will show in the final photograph. The happier you are, the more likely it is for you to get a perfect click.

2. Choose the best lighting

The key to any good photograph is the lighting. Choose early mornings or afternoons for a quick selfie as nothing does justice to the subject the way natural light does. Avoid using the front camera as it lowers the quality of the photograph.

3. Remember to take the phone cover off

The moment you click a picture with the cover off, you will be amazed at the clarity of the picture. Don’t be confused with the hole in the cover for camera. It generally interferes with the lens that spoils the image quality.

4. Use a good filter

A need for a selfie can come up any time! Don’t wait to get all decked up for that ideal look. Use the filters in your phone camera that will hide all the nasty lines on your face and make you camera ready in no time.

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