7 Tips to Stay in Your Boss’s Good Books

7 Tips to Stay in Your Boss's Good Books

Everyone likes to stay in the good books of the boss they are working under. It is not about the attitude; it is about the level of expediency one puts in for being there. Listed below are some tips to impress your boss, read on.

1. Be punctual

An age old formula to impress the boss is punctuality. And, it still matters a lot. When a person is punctual, it shows the dedication towards the organization. This might impress the boss. Being punctual also means regularly attending the meetings and seminars on time.

2. Do not talk behind the back

People do talk too much behind their boss’ back, they nag and complain, but, this is not a good idea if one wants to maintain an impression. Do not talk behind the boss’ back, maintain respect and get respect. Just ignore the topic if someone talks about your boss in the office. Or, simply divert the topic.

3. Go beyond expectations

Every boss may have some expectations from his employees. If one goes beyond the expectations and performs well, then surely it does matter to the boss. By doing this, one can surely impress the boss.

4. Stay organized

An organized behavior also helps to impress the boss. Keep the desk clean and tidy. Organize all the files and folders according to priority. Also, keep the mailbox organized.

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