7 Tips to Say No to a Guy Politely

7 Tips to Say No to a Guy Politely

Saying yes to someone is easy, but saying no is difficult. There is a feeling of guilt when you say no to someone. Saying no to a guy is tough, but it can become simple with some tips. Continue reading to know more.

1. Give him a polite no

A simple polite ‘no’ can work for you. Sometimes a simple no works better than reasoning. When a guy asks you out; just reply with a simple ‘no thanks.’ Tell him that you are not too keen to date him. Or else, tell him that you are dating someone else. He will surely understand your feelings.

2. Say thanks

If a guy asks you out, start by saying ‘thanks.’ Thank him for asking you out in the first place. Then tell him a no. This makes up for a courteous background. He will not really feel bad about the whole situation. Tell him that you are not interested in him.

3. Notify in writing

When direct communication does not work, written words come handy. Simply write a note to him stating your reason to say ‘no.’ Do not give the exact reason, if it is too personal. Tell him ‘sorry’ and ‘no’ in the note. He will get the point clearly. This is probably the most polite way to tell him no.

4. Do not be hurtful

Guys also have feelings, so don’t be hurtful to them while saying a ‘no.’ Don’t tell him that you are way above him in looks and character. This is a rude and hurtful comment. Always say ‘no’ with a polite tone. Be calm and positive in your approach.

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