7 Tips to Get Over a Guy Who is a Drama King

7 Tips to Get Over a Guy Who is a Drama King

It is rare to find a guy who is a drama queen as compared to girls who are drama queens, but the reality is that they do exist. If your friend or boyfriend is a drama queen, here is how you should deal with him.

1. Brush him off casually

Giving attention to the worries and woes of a drama king is like adding fuel to fire. Many guys become drama kings just because they want to create a scene and get more attention. They enact such behavior to fulfil a psychological need. To deal with this, brush a guy off casually whenever he indulges in such behavior. Not giving him attention when he seeks it, is the best way to get over his erratic behavior.

2. Show him that you aren’t listening

It is one thing to brush off a drama king and another thing to insult him by showing that you aren’t interested in his antics. The next time your drama king friend or boyfriend creates a mountain out of a molehill, shun him by simply waking away. If he tries to draw you in conversation, say upfront that you aren’t interested. If he gets insulted, it may help him to understand that his overly emotional behavior is doing him no good.

3. Threaten to breakup your friendship or relationship

It can become impossible to tolerate a guy who is a drama king if you see no signs of improvement in him. Don’t let his behavior boil your blood or embarrass you in public. Put an end to your agony by giving your drama king friend an ultimatum that you will break up with him if he doesn’t stop behaving in this manner.

4. Be a drama queen in return

If all your methods to deal with a guy who is a drama queen have been in vain, you can resort to becoming a drama queen yourself. Replicate your friend’s behavior by being as flamboyant and sarcastic as you can. Create a scene in front of his friends and embarrass him just like he embarrasses you. This may make him realize that he is being a drama king.

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