7 Tips to Fight Forehead Wrinkles

7 Tips to Fight Forehead Wrinkles

A long time ago and still in many cultures, lines on the forehead were seen as a sign of wisdom. But truth be told, those lines that run across our forehead are definitely not a welcome sight. Wisdom can take a backseat when it comes to looking young. The more you think about the lines on your forehead, the more you crease your forehead and the more pronounced they start looking to you, making you wonder if you can ever rid yourself of the lines on your forehead. Together with the crow feet, the lines appear like one fine day an old spirit decided to take residence in your face. Well despair not, for there are ways to get rid of the lines on your forehead.

1. Water

It is no wonder that water is called the elixir of life. It has so many benefits and is on top of the list when it comes to keeping yourself healthy, it comes as no big wonder that water also helps you to form less wrinkles. Water, a proper dose of it in your body hydrates your skin and maintains the elasticity making it less prone to breakage and wrinkling.

2. Sunlight Exposure

Exposure to sunlight and on a long term basis gives your skin a leathery appearance. It also gives you a whole bunch of wrinkles and they are not only on your forehead. If you do not want to get all wrinkly or reduce the amount of wrinkles you already have, then get exposed less to direct sunlight and use a sunscreen with the appropriate spf.

3. Facial Exercise

Sounds a little bit extreme, but it actually works. One proven way however to make skin taut in the face is to chew a lot of gum. But the facial exercises when done properly can help you smoothen those wrinkles on the forehead.

4. Quit smoking

It is not a scare tactic, but the truth is that smoking with all its other ill effects on your body also damages your skin a lot. A part of the damage is the creation of wrinkles on your face. Quit smoking to improve the way your skin looks and have a youth ful face.

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