7 Tips to Deal With Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

7 Tips to Deal With  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is a serious issue, so do not take it lightly. If you have been through or have seen sexual harassment, then it is important to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Listed below are some tips on dealing with the issue, continue reading.

1. Address the problem

Sexual harassment directly or indirectly is a crime. So, address the problem. Many women tend to stay quiet for the sake of their job and position. It is important to take action against such crimes, which cause mental and physical turmoil.

2. Confront directly

Be it your co-worker or your boss, it is important to confront him directly. Talk to him and tell him to stop harassing you right away. Many people actually back off with direct confrontation. However, if it continues, then report to the higher level management about the issue.

3. Share it with a co-worker

It is important to share your situation with a co-worker or a colleague. This will help him/her to keep an eye on the person who is harassing you. If you share your situation with someone, then he/she might also help you to get evidence.

4. Write down the incident

Written proof of the incident will help you to fight against the harasser. Write down the exact date and time of the incident. While reporting for a complaint against the harasser, you have to mention everything in detail. Also, note down the names of other co-workers who were present at the time of the incident.

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