7 Tips to Deal With a Mooching Friend

Tips to Deal With a Mooching Friend

We’ve all come across a moocher in our lives; a friend or a relative who often borrows your favorite lipstick, perfume or dress, or a friend who bums free cigarettes or drinks off you all the time. We all borrow at some time or the other. Nobody thinks of refusing the first few times but when it persists, you begin to wonder. And if you value the friendship, you’ll probably overlook the bad habit; but, otherwise, what can you do about it? Here are few tips for you to deal with a mooching friend.

1. Remind the moocher

Once you’re certain that you’re dealing with a moocher, make sure that when you go out, the other person has no excuses for leaving the wallet behind. Remind your friend to check if he/she is carrying his/her wallet. Adding a smile will help you to convey the message pleasantly.

2. Be firm

If you’re lending clothes, ask the moocher when you’ll get your stuff back. If you get a feeling that your clothes may not be probably returned, then try to save your favorite clothes by making excuses or you can always tell the moocher firmly that you want your clothes immediately the next day.

3. Don’t lend money

If the moocher asks you to lend some money for the umpteenth time, you can always tell your friend that you’re facing difficult times yourself and have no cash to spare. While you may still go out with the moocher and entertain your friend at your home, it would be in your best interests not to lend ready cash.

4. Pay separately

When the plan is to visit a restaurant, insist firmly on paying separate check. You can always say that you are trying to keep a grip on your own expenses and trying to curb your desire to overspend.

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