7 Tips to Avoid Coming Across as a Snob at the Workplace

7 Tips to Avoid Coming Across as a Snob at the Workplace

Sometimes you realize that you are very intelligent and confident compared to the other coworkers or have a lot of experience. You might want to show off everything you got or simply share what you already know. But when you do that you might come across as an obnoxious person. Here are 7 tips to avoid coming across as a snob at the workplace.

1. Make sure you add disclaimers before initiating any action

Always discuss with your teammates before you take any action, even if you know that you are better at certain things. Before you say or do anything, make sure you add very explicitly that you don’t intend to be rude, arrogant or sound like a snob.

2. Be assertive but not rude and arrogant

Sometimes it’s very frustrating when you know what you’re saying is right but no one listens to you. Be very assertive but don’t talk rudely, or get angry. There is a way to be polite and put your point across without offending people.

3. Do not dismiss people’s opinions

If you’re a team leader, you need to learn to value other people’s opinions. If you can’t accept it, there is a way you can turn it down. You don’t have to publicly humiliate them or show that they lack intelligence.

4. Don’t be an obnoxious know-it-all

When you have meetings or there is a need to contribute ideas, don’t try to be the one hogging all the limelight. It does not mean that you should not share your bright ideas but when you put them across, be more humble and respectful.

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