7 Tips on How to Wear a Mini Skirt

7 Tips on How to Wear a Mini Skirt

Miniskirts are always in fashion. These add to your personality and your beauty. Wearing a skirt needs fashion knowledge. Pick the right mini and look gorgeous. The following points should be opted while dressing up.

1. Choose the right length mini skirt

To wear a mini skirt, first you have to decide on which length skirt to wear. Choose mini depending on your leg length. Extra short skirt may not suit short legs so pick the right mini skirt. Extra short miniskirts go well with long legs.

2. Wear shorts

Miniskirts as you know are short in length. One may feel uncomfortable carrying it. While sitting or walking, you may worry about your underwear showing. So to avoid that hesitation, remember to wear shorts the same color as your skirt.

3. Match appropriate top

Mini looks good when you match up with a good top. With a plain skirt, wear printed top and vice-versa. The same plain top and skirt will become boring and also printed mini skirt when worn with printed tops looks like a fashion mess. So it is advisable to contrast your top with your skirt.

4. Wear contrasting shoes

If you are wearing a plain single colored skirt, wear shoes that add to your look. Like with a white skirt, brown or black shoes will go and also you can put on the same colored stilettos.

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