7 Tips On How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You More

7 Tips On How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You More

Everyone wants a little more in life. Same applies to relationships. When you are in a relationship, you want all the attention from your boyfriend. Here we give you some tips to make your boyfriend want you more, read on.

1. Give him his space

Guys respect girls who give them space in life. For getting his attention, give him that space. He will spend the remaining time with you and respect you.

2. Show him you care

Sure, you might be busy in life. But, taking some time out for your boyfriend can make him happy. Arrange for a special dinner date. Arrange for a weekend trip. Spend good time with him; this will make him happy.

3. Leave special notes

Words are the best form of expression. Leave special notes for him in his wardrobe or his trouser pocket. The notes you leave may well read, “You are simply the best” or “I love you a lot.” Small gestures can leave him spellbound and please him.

3. Hug him and kiss him

You do not need any occasion to hug him or kiss him. Do it whenever you feel like doing. A simple peck on his cheeks and a sweet hug will make him cheerful. This gives an assurance that you love him.

4. Support him

Be there when he needs you. Listen to him and give him the support, if he is going through a rough phase. Make him feel relaxed if he is stressed out.

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