6 Tips on How to Get Your Appetite Back

6 Tips on How to Get Your Appetite Back

Eating healthy and properly is something everyone ought to do to remain in good spirits and health. It is normal to feel hungry and to eat on a regular basis. But if you are not feeling hungry and if you feel you just don’t have the appetite, it means that there is something wrong. Loss of appetite can be caused by various factors. You can lose the need to eat due to stress, bereavement, anxiety, depression or by having been on a bad diet for a long time in a bid to lose weight. Excessive drinking and depression can also cause a loss in appetite. So if you know you have a problem with eating and want to get over it and have a healthy appetite; here are a few ways to go about it.

1. Add lot of bitter greens to your diet

There is a lot in bitter greens. Apart from the nutrients you can find in them, they also stimulate hunger. A good dose of arugula, kale and radicchio in salads and other forms can make leave you feeling hungry.

2. Exercise a lot before you sit down to eat

Go for a run or a jog before your meal time. This way you will burn a lot of energy and calories and your body will start sending you signals to replenish it. Being active will also give you a healthy appetite.

3. Eat ginger

Ginger has so many medicinal properties and one of them is its ability to increase your appetite. If your loss of appetite is due to an inflated stomach or built up gasses, all you need to do is have a small bite of ginger with salt and wash it down with water. It helps release gasses and makes you feel hungry again.

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