7 Tips on How to Dress Like a Tomboy?

7 Tips on How to Dress Like a Tomboy?

Are you bored of the regular girly look? Take a break and dress up like a tomboy to strike a difference from the routine. This look is quite affordable, casual and something that you may want to try when you want to make an impact or for some theme party or if you simply want to fool someone. Take some tips enlisted below and learn how to carry off the tomboy look.

1. Shop for clothes from a casual clothes store. You do not really have to visit fashion giants or very expensive stores. Instead select and purchase from discount retailers to make the affair even more affordable.

2. Tees and jeans or oversized shirts define a quintessential tomboy look. When you are shopping for tees, remember to stay away from fitted clothes. Also, choose from sober and dull colors like blues, blacks, browns and grays. As a woman, it is but natural to choose feminine shades. Hence, it is important to avoid selecting such colors.

3. Always wear loose clothes that have no specific shape to them. Avoid showing off your feminine figure.

4. Another inevitable characteristic to the tomboy look is the need to include a baseball cap. Stop doing your hair. This is in fact a relief for girls who run out of hairstyles and want to step out casually. Just wear a baseball cap, right attitude and step out nonchalantly.

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