7 Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Sex

7 Tips for Talking to Your Kids about Sex

Talking to kids about sex is a Herculean task but it is an important thing that all parents must do. It is best for the parents to sit and talk to their ward rather than him/her getting wrong information from elsewhere. Here are some tips for talking to your kids about sex.

1. Work as a team

It is best to talk to each other as to how you are going to put forth the issue to your child. If it is a daughter, then the mother will have to take this challenge up and if it is a son, then the father should take the lead. In case of single mothers or fathers they do not have a choice but they can take help from other members of the family. Think of the questions your kids might ask and be prepared with the answers.

2. Decide on a time for the talk

You know your child well. You will have to find out a time when he/she is stress-free and the mind is ready to accept the information that you are going to give. Ask your kid to give you 15 minutes that is free of phone calls, TV viewing, or friends. The best time would be when no one else is around, especially if you have two or more kids.

3. Avoid getting factual

It is important to give certain facts about sex to your child but don’t get too factual or else your talk will get boring and your kid might not like to continue. Make it interesting by adding anecdotes or talk about some incident that might keep the interest going.

4. Talk about the good and the bad

Your kid needs to know about both the sides of the topic. Do not forget to talk about the diseases that come with unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. The good part could be how a responsible person can enjoy a good family life.

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